The High Society

Be nice and keep swingin! How did all these people get into my room?

One of Frank Sinatra’s sayings that is immortalized on the classic record “Sinatra at the Sands”.
The Rat Pack phenomenon arose in 1960 when Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr, Dean Martin, Peter Lawford and Joe Bishop filmed the movie Oceans 11 in Las Vegas. They filmed during the day and performed at The Sands in the evenings. A group of friends who did what they loved and were the best at; Hang out, laugh, sing, dance and joke with each other. A perfect combo! Their way of being on stage made the audience feel involved. Invited to the party ‘in the room’.

The High Society – Karl Dyall, Rennie Mirro and Joachim Bergström carry on the tradition.
The three are artists, singers and friends since 30 years ago with a great love for The Rat Pack and their music. Together with a 5 or 7 man band in the back they create a wonderful atmosphere and a fast-paced show with treats from the American songbook.
They offer dinner shows, live music for dancing, conference assignments or why not a swinging concert? Everything is possible!

So, welcome to their room!