Stefan & Kim

Well, all galas, events, concerts, in Sweden and in over 40 countries, speak for themselves… and now we make it clear, once and for all, Stefan & Kim are completely unique! There is no other artist constellation in the world that performs that mix of musical styles, and the way they do it!

No genre is foreign to Stefan & Kim! But they choose with care, with humor, with precision and with seriousness! It almost sounds boring, but it never is!

You will laugh uncontrollably, maybe even cry a little because it was so beautiful. You will sit and enjoy, but you will also get up and clap and join in the crowd.

Stefan & Kim are specialists in entertaining audiences of all ages, and holding them firmly in their hands.

Imagine Stefan, a fantastic singer, in 4 octaves, who plays the guitar like no one does! Kim is a completely unpredictable performer, who plays the violin the way you want it to be played. The grand piano is the centerpiece of cheeky sounds, beats and equilibrist playing.