Isaac And The Soul Company

WHACK! The first drumbeat makes your everyday life go out the window. From then on there’s nothing but here and now, an endless stream of happiness. ONE, TWO! It’s Isaac – the man with a throat full of honey and dynamite. THREE, FOUR! It’s The Soul Company – the train that keeps on picking up speed all the way to Paradise. It’s a Soul Party and it’s groovin’ LET ME TELL YA!

Isaac And The Soul Company is a professional and international act, and if you’re planning a gala dinner or award show, look no further. With over 200 successful award shows on the resume, the band are very comfortable functioning as the house band as well as having the frontman Isaac to host the entire show. Not only will they deliver jingles and musical entertainment throughout the evening, but they will also assist you in designing the perfect dramaturgy to make the evening truly special for your guests. At the end of each evening they leave the audience with a high energy dance set at the length of your liking.