ConRytmo was established year 2000 as an answer to boring, uncreative percussion groups. ConRytmo decided to put the instrument DRUMS into a different spotlight. The group then created a whole new idea in the world of show business and events

Their innovative, high-end brand of entertainment is unique and unmatched. Every drum show is created, designed and developed by the “ConRytmo Development Group”, in addition, all their instruments are custom made to compliment the performance.

ConRytmo can best be describe as a “Drum Circus”. Things like, laser beams, the worlds biggest bass-drum, gigantic mirror ball give way to the most aspect of their performance which are the drums featured to express the beats of their mind-blowing show “Drums Should Be Forbidden”.  A spectacular event that fascinates and engages people from all over the world, every age group is captivated by their percussive spell and everyone will leave transformed by what they experiensed. ConRytmo has so far performed in 15 countries.

 Johan Svensson, world renowned drummer with Britney Spears and founder of ConRytmo, understands the importance of delivering a successful and memorable event. Focusing his passion for music and entertainment, he’s designed and custom- made visual features and instruments exclusive only to the ConRytmo experience.